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should I use blobn?

Personal Search more


Personal Search

By using blobn you will create a search engine for your life that is simple, secure and available on any Internet enabled device. You will be able to access your information not only on your PC or MAC, but ANY device with Internet Access. (iphone, work computer, school computer, your Uncle's PC... you get the point.)

You are the Gatekeeper more


You are the Gatekeeper

You are the gatekeeper and the editor of your blob and control what goes in and what is shared. Your blob will be free of Spam, Grandstanding, Flame Wars, and junk – that is, unless you want it there.

Sharing more



All of your information is easy to share and easily tracked by you. Anytime your shared information is accessed you are notified.

Think Non-Linear more


Think Non-Linear

Also, no more file folders within multiple nested folders that you must click through ten folders to get to the specific file that you need. File storage is now in the “blob” format and is non linear.

All Files more


All Files

We accept all file formats.

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